True Crime Time Episode Forty, The Episode That Cannot Be Named

Yes, this is the episode that cannot be named; why? Because I couldn’t think of a snappy name and I am short on time. We did not get a chance to record the second half, although we mention it, it is not really there. The good news is we did write it, and will use it next week. Meanwhile this weeks episode is all true crime news from the last two week.

As always thanks to sHeavy for the use of their song Revenge of the Viper Three. 

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom Petition

Vanessa Coleman Should Never Get Out Of Prison

I have serious doubts about how much good petitions can do. But on the off chance that they have any influence at all I have signed one. Actually this is the only internet petition, or any other type of internet cause I have ever signed on to. Not because I have confidence in it doing any good, but because the person it is aimed at acted so heinously that I feel compelled to do something.

The petition deals with Vanessa Coleman. She was convicted in the crimes that resulted in the murder of Channon Christian and Christoper Newsom back in 2007. This is one of the most disgusting, heinous crimes imaginable. The young couple were both kidnapped, raped and tortured for long periods of time by a group that included Coleman and three men. The rape and murder occurred after the couple were car jacked. A fourth male was convicted in the car jacking but not in the murder or rapes.

Wikipedia has a fair enough summary of the case, it would be a long story to retell here. But in short Coleman was originally sentenced to 53 years. That was reduced to 35 years, through the fact that the original judge had issues that had nothing to do with the case. With time served awaiting trial, and good behavior time, she will be eligible for parole at the end of this year.

Let that sink in for a second, she participated in the torture, rape and murder of two completely innocent people. Seven years later she could walk free. On the chance that it may do some good, please take a second to sign her petition here.

True Crime News And Stories September 7th, 2014

Sorry we missed you last week. Here are the news and stories that will be featured on the first half of this week’s episode of our true crime podcast. 


Spy Vs. Spy

One of the cold war’s most infamous characters died in prison this week. Retired navy warrant officer John Walker died in federal prison this week.  He was unique in a lot of ways. He spied purely for monetary reasons, he had no ideological interest in communism or the Soviet Union. But when he began to have money trouble in the late 1960’s he approached the Soviets and sold them top secret information on navy communications.

John Walker

Our dapper young spy in an earlier picture. I guess his leisure suit was at the cleaners.

Walker became an instructor in communications and recruited one of his students to spy for him as well. He also recruited one of his sons to join the navy, learn communications, and spy as well. His son was released after serving fifteen years in prison. His son Michael’s sentence was reduced somewhat as part of the father’s plea bargain. He didn’t stop there though. He also recruited his older brother, Arthur, who was working for a defense contractor. He tried to recruit another son, a high school dropout. He was trying to help him obtain a high school diploma so that he could join the Navy as well and spy for him. He also had a daughter in the Army, he tried to recruit her but she refused.

He was the most long lived of all Soviet cold war agents, lasting for decades. It is claimed by high ranking Naval officers that he probably caused the capture of the US ship Pueblo, that was captured by the North Koreans in 1969. He had sold the Soviets communications information, but they needed hardware to compare it to. It has been claimed that if the US and USSR had gone to war the Russians would have known the position of every US submarine, due to the information Walker sold them. Wikipedia has a good overview of his story here. 

Pueblo headline

In 2001 an officer presented a thesis to the US Army General Staff College stating that information found in Soviet archives confirmed the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans, to make better use of intelligence that Walker had sold to the Russians.


Why We Have Prisons, Part Bazillion

Man is released from prison, family throws him a welcome home party on his first day of freedom. Before the party can end he commits murder. 

DUI Olympics

This is not the first time I have seen this type of story. This week we will tell you the one secret trick to beat a DUI by drinking even more alcohol. Or you can just read the story here. 

Double DUI Guy

Florida man discovers one secret way to beat a DUI, prosecutors hate him!

Don’t Lose Your Head

Then there’s the guy in New York who managed to commit suicide by cutting of his own head on a public street. 

Men of middle eastern descent threaten to behead Americans, because they couldn’t get served a drink in a Daytona Beach, Florida bar. 

Protecting And Serving

Man fights traffic ticket, and in doing so unravels ticket fixing scheme. No it doesn’t deal with getting out of tickets, it involves cops, citing other cops as witnesses to traffic stops they were not present at, all so said cops can get overtime for appearing in court. 

Philadelphia PA prosecutors using civil forfeiture laws to seize family’s house, because son was arrested with $40 worth of heroin. 

One of the most horrific child abuse cases in recent memory went to the grand jury in Southern California this week.  Authorities missed abuse despite repeated reports by teachers and others.

Fernandez child abuser

Not only is she a horrible person, but when did women start thinking all those tattoos were attractive?

Finally Everyone’s Favorite, People With Unusual Sex Lives

81 year old man, shake, shake, shakes, his genitals, while standing in front of window wearing a red bra and panties.

bikini flasher

It’s really hard to judge the true horror of this crime without seeing a photo of him in the bikini.

Woman finds man has broken into her patio. Has he stolen anything? No, he was just masturbating while starting at her through the window. 

Man forces wife to live as slave, wait isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? 

Sex Slave Guy

If you are wondering what a “Godly man” who keeps sex slaves looks like, here you go.

Man stabs his roommate because he was being too loud during threesome with two women. Come on, we all know the real reason was jealousy.

Loud Threesome Guy

If you are going to have a loud threesome in a small dwelling you really kind of have to invite the roommate. I almost can’t say I blame him for the stabbing.

Irish man, who had sex with a mattress, on a public street, now being threatened by local militias. 

Man likes to grope women in public park, unfortunately for him he picks a US Marshall to molest. 

Marshall Molestor

Groping a US Marshall is never a good idea.

No Casey Anthony Is Not Pregnant

We have mentioned repeatedly on our show how some sites are now  just making up “wacky news” to draw clicks. Nothing could be more illustrative of that than recent stories that I see linked all over the place, announcing Casey Anthony is pregnant with twins.

The latest version of the story is here, at a “spoof news site” called The National Report. They claim Anthony is not only pregnant but will be starting a reality show. None of this is true.

It is in fact a re-write of a story in the Weekly World News.  You know the former tabloid,now website, that was known for it’s hilarious fictional news stories.

Personally I’m a little sick of these fake sites. The National Report does not make it clear they are fiction, and their stories are just close enough to the truth, or at least being plausible, that people fall for them. They aren’t engaging in satire they are making shit up to get clicks and thus ad revenue.

And just to reiterate, as of the end of August, 2014, Casey Anthony is not pregnant.

Episode 39, True Crime News And Other Shennanigans

Episode 39 of our true crime podcast is another all news roundup, without the long form second half. We have news of the death of Robert Hansen, the latest on Ferguson in a format designed to piss you off, and much more! Well, not really that much more, but what the hell, it’s free.

Thanks as always to sHeavy for the use of their song, Revenge of the Viper Three.

True Crime News And True Crime Stories, August 23, 2014

This Week’s True Crime News And True Crime Stories

Breaking News Update

Robert Hansen, the Alaskan serial killer who hunted his victims like he would big game, has died in prison. We covered him in Episode 21.

Robert Hansen

At least he didn’t mount the dead girl’s heads on the wall.

Ferguson: Our Storm Team, Breaking News, Extended Segment, In Depth,Eye In The Sky, What You Need To Know  Coverage Begins Now

So far there has been very little real evidence released in the case of the man shot to death as he allegedly assaulted a police officer. But that hasn’t stopped the governor of Missouri from calling for “Vigorous prosecution” of the policeman. Am I the only one that sees the irony in civil rights protesters calling for what is essentially a lynching?

Even some civil rights protesters in the town have presented a list of demands that calls for the arrest of the cop.Never mind that a grand jury is hearing evidence now, just go ahead and arrest him. To be fair this could just be five or six guys that managed to get in front of a NPR reporter. I have no idea if anyone really takes them seriously in Ferguson.

Ferguson Demands

We also demand a double serving of ice cream and free play all day.

A Gannett newspaper runs a story about the cop who shot the 290 pound adult in what he claims was self defense. Salient facts include the revelation that his father lives in a “Mostly white neighborhood”. 

Meanwhile the attorneys for the family of the deceased accused robber have been trotting out a “forensic gunshot expert” who apparently worked as a hospital orderly and made up his qualifications from there. Who needs a fancy college education and medical school to be a forensics expert, when you can work as an orderly for a year or two and make shit up from there?

People Wanting Children For All The Wrong Reasons

In a story that is no way creepy.  A couple is found twice trying to sneak into the birthing center of a Southern California hospital. Both times they are carrying life like baby dolls. They even interact with the dolls pretending to talk to them, feed them and even change them. They couldn’t be charged with anything because the police correctly point out “There is no crime against carrying fake babies”.

Fake Baby People

Those babies do look life like. But how do you re create that new baby smell?

In Other Not Creepy News

A man in his twenties stalks 13 year old girl, including having 11 separate tattoos including her name. For some reason her father has a problem with this. They have a confrontation on a day that the stalker claims to have taken about a half a dozen illegal drugs. Father gets shot, stalker gets long sentence.

Crazy Stalker

“Honest I can explain everything.” Reportedly his near incoherent testimony did not help his case.

Ahhh, The Allure Of The High Dollar Sneaker Trade

Man posts photos of himself on Facebook with large stacks of money. Surprise, vicious ex con shows up, kills him, shoots his mom and bites off her finger.

Facebook Money

This photo of money, and Wal Mart brand disinfectant apparently…

Shoe Money Killer

Caused this guy to show up and commit murder, not to mention finger biting.

On The Perspicacity Of Peepers

A man is arrested for using a shoe camera to take up skirt photos in a Wal Mart. First of all  I don’t get this particular fetish. You can find much clearer photos on the Internet that won’t put you at risk of arrest. But even if you must wouldn’t you rather try this in Victoria’s Secret? Or at least Macy’s or Neiman Marcus. But fucking Wal Mart?

Shoe Camera Guy

Do you even have to ask what he does for a living? He’s an engineer of course.

Wal Mart Shopper

Didn’t he know you don’t have to look up the skirts at Wal Mart? They just let it hang right out for you. It’s like a low rent swingers club with groceries. Click the photo to go to and see many more wonderful Wal Mart photos.

Perhaps he should convert to this guy’s version of Islam. According to one Egyptian cleric it is okay to spy on women in the shower if you are doing it for pure motives. 

School Shootings That Didn’t Happen

This story in Southern California made a lot of news this week. Two kids were plotting to kill as many of their fellow high school students as possible. Now, granted there should have been some level of intervention here, but among all the headlines the fact that they had no weapon seems to be getting lost. The closest they have been able to put either of these kids to a gun is that one of them has an Uncle who owns a handgun that they may have been able to get a hold of. Hardly the imminent danger this plot is being made out to be.

It could have been worse though.

This student in South Carolina was suspended for writing a fictional story about shooting a dinosaur. You see in the story he shot the dinosaur with a gun, so obviously the police must be called and the incident must be investigated. Fortunately the student was found to have neither a gun or a dinosaur.

Male Genitalia In The Crime News

A German delivery driver is accused of walking up to a home he was delivering a package to with his penis hanging out of his pants. He defends himself in court by claiming his penis is not long enough to dangle beyond his zipper. His wife even takes the stand to back him up. Judge rules that he must be measured outside of the courtroom to settle the issue. 

In a poorly written story from Nigeria, two brothers are accused of attempted murder after a rental dispute. A dispute that they settled by castrating the tenant. An act which was either fatal or not depending on which paragraph you read in this story. 

Texas quartet collects drug debt by burning man on head with a meth pipe and attaching jumper cables to his testicles. Somebody’s been watching re-runs of Archer. So Some Clown Robbed A Gas Station THe player is here

Nut Shocking Woman

The irony of this is that she probably could have put this photo and an ad on Back Pages offering to shock men’s testicles for money and gotten plenty of takers.

How Can You Not Love These Mugs?  

The gentlemen below is accused of multiple murders, kidnapping and torture. For some reason his lawyer is arguing he cannot get a fair trial due to his appearance. The judge compromised by agreeing to ask jurors if they see anything about him that would prejudice them.

Mister 666

He was supposed to be an associate of a well known outlaw motorcycle club. But if you are going to live the life of an outlaw do you really want to be this identifiable?

Woman is accused of molesting five year old boy, violating copyright for Jabba the Hut character. 

Jugallete Mugshot

So my question is, is the lighting really that bad in the Scott County Iowa Jail, or where they trying to spare us the horror of this face under bright light?

Jugallete Molestor

And if you search for her you can find her on MySpace, which yes, still exists. Apparently she is a Juggalette. But didn’t she ever listen to their song “To catch a predator”?

Woman high on synthetic weed steals police cruiser and causes four car crash.

Synthetic weed woman

I wonder how they could tell she was high?

Creative Policing In Action

Two Sacramento, California cops are accused of using police computers and databases as a dating service. They would first spend their work hours cruising dating sites looking for promising profiles. Then once they had a short list they would check them out through the police databases. Note that even though they are both accused of felonies they are still working at their usual jobs with full pay.

This is what happens when you piss off the police. Man arrested for possessing a bottle of antacid. He’s a pharmacist, who lost his license due to drug charges. Police find an old bottle of antacid pills under the seat of his truck. He tell the perfectly plausible story that A: They are really old and obviously fell there back when he was still a pharmacist and was delivering drugs B: They have no value for getting high and thus no resale value.  C: They are now available over the counter. Cops charge him anyway.

People With Driving Issues

Woman has totally accidental incident in which she strikes a motorcycle and drags it over seventy feet. Did I mention the motorcycle was being driven by her husband, and that he had another woman on the back as a passenger?

Hell hath no fury woman

You man that motorcycle I ran over happened to have my husband and his girl friend on it? What are the odds?

New Zealand woman is driving with 7 children in the car, none of them in child seats. When police try to pull her over she runs for it. After a brief car chase police find three of the seven children are being stored in the trunk of the car.

Here’s a man who takes his probation meetings seriously, so seriously he stole a motorized shopping cart to get to one on time.

Sometimes The Court Decisions Just Don’t Go Your Way

Man sues cop for violating his civil rights. Cop wins case. Man throws chair at cop in angry courtroom outburst when he hears the verdict. Ends up getting a pretty serious prison sentence, five years for throwing a chair in court seems a little excessive to me. 

Man released from prison 90 years before end of sentence. Starts new family, gets job, sticks to the straight and narrow. Six years later the police show up to arrest him over their mistake. 

“You’re so high dog”

Episode 38, Bittaker And Norris, The Tool Box Killers

Welcome, once again to our serial killer and true crime podcast.

This week’s episode features The Tool Box Killers, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris.

Much of our research for the episode is from the excellent independent documentary, The Devil and the Death Penalty. In the second half of the show we not only talk about Bittaker and Norris, but we have a brief chat with Phillip Gibbons who produced the movie.


This is easily one of the most disturbing crime sprees in US history. As this article shows, Norris is actually eligible for parole. But note what the mother of one of the victims says towards the end. Even after all these years she says that she is afraid to fall asleep, “Because whenever I sleep I have nightmares of my daughter being tortured.”.

Legal papers from a 1989 appeal can be found here, and contain most of the facts of the case. Disturbing here is the fact that police found “several vials of acid” in the possession of Bittaker. Norris told them Bittaker was planning to test it on their next victim.

Here you can find an interview, which Phil Gibbons mentioned in our interview, which Bittaker gave to Bizare magazine.

The interview with Mr. Gibbons had some sound issues, so it has been edited and some questions went unasked. Most notably how has the infamous torture recording that was found never been leaked to the public. It is amazing that so many investigators have had access to it, it was played in court, and yet it is not anywhere on the Internet that I am aware of. Thank God for that, because there are surely people who wish they could find it.

The transcript of the tape was published and has appeared in so many places that I don’t see any point in not including it here. Please don’t read below unless you have a strong stomach. This is the transcript of a teenage girl being tortured for no other reason than the sexual enjoyment of these two individuals. But of course executing them would be “Cruel and unusual”.

At the end of the tape Ledford is heard saying “Just kill me”.

Please Note The Transcript Below Is Extremely Graphic And Disturbing

This transcript does not include long periods that were simply screaming and crying.

Bittaker: (Slapping Shirley) Say something girl, huh? Huh?
Ledford: What do you want me to say?
Bittaker: Huh, huh? Say something, girl! Don’t you hit me? Huh, huh?
Bittaker: Say something girl. Huh?
Ledford: Ouch! (Shirley begins to scream)
Bittaker: Say something! C’mon! You can scream louder than that, can’t you? Huh? What’s the matter, don’t you like to scream? (Slapping sounds can be heard).
Ledford: (Screams) Oh no!
Bittaker: What’s the matter, huh? You want to try again?
Ledford: (Screams) Oh no! Don’t touch me! No!
Bittaker: Huh? You want to try again?
Ledford: On no, don’t touch me! No don’t touch me. No! No! No! No! No!
Bittaker: Want to try again?
Ledford: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

At this point, Shirley begins to cry profusely. She begs Bittaker to stop hitting her, saying again, “No, don’t touch me!” Given what Bittaker next says, it is likely Shirley curls into a ball and turns away from him as she weeps.

Bittaker: Roll over girl.
Ledford: No don’t touch me!
Bittaker: Roll over!
Ledford: (Pleading tone in voice) Don’t touch me.
Bittaker: (Slapping Shirley) Start getting to work, girl!
Ledford: Don’t touch me!
Bittaker: Start getting to work girl!
Ledford: (Crying) Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!
Bittaker: Get to work, girl!
Ledford: Don’t touch me.
Bittaker: Roll over. I’m not asking you; I’m telling you!
Bittaker: Roll over.
Ledford: (Crying sounds can be heard).
Bittaker: C’mon, C’mon, C’mon!
Bittaker: What are you dong? What are you doing?
Ledford: Huh?
Bittaker: What are you doing?
Ledford: I’m not doing anything; I’m trying to do what you wanted me to do.
Bittaker: What did I want you to do?
Ledford: Suck on it.
Bittaker: Suck on what?
Ledford: This.
Bittaker: What’s this?
Ledford: Your dick.
Bittaker: Yeah? Say it.
Ledford: Your dick.
Bittaker: You’re sucking on my dick?
Ledford: That’s what you wanted me to do?
Bittaker: Is that what you’re doing?
Ledford: Yes, I was.
Bittaker: Tell me.
Ledford: Yes.
Bittaker: Tell me what are you doing?
Ledford: I’m sucking on your dick.
Bittaker: Do you want to do it?
Ledford: You want me to?
Bittaker: You want to, girl? Do you want to suck my dick baby? Huh, huh, hey? Start answering me! 
(Beating sounds can be heard).
Ledford: Yes.
Bittaker: Tell me.
Ledford: Yes.
Bittaker: Beg me.
Ledford: Yes.
Bittaker: What, hey what do you want girl?
Ledford: I want to suck on your dick.
Bittaker: You don’t sound like you really mean it.  (Slapping sounds)
Ledford: I do. 

Bittaker: (Laughing) Suck on it then! C’mon start sucking on it. No matter what you can do, squeeze hard you understand and if it hurts any time you want to scream, go ahead and scream.
Ledford: Oh no! (Screams)
Bittaker: Scream, baby! Go ahead and scream! Scream, baby!

At this point, after Bittaker had forced Shirley to fellate him, repeated sounds of an administered beating, interspersed with loud screams can be heard as Bittaker savagely beat Shirley about the breasts. Bittaker then extracted his pliers from the tool box. Shirley then emits several high-pitched, prolonged screams and cries of agony as Bittaker alternately squeezes and twists her labia, nipples and breasts with the pliers. Bittaker then returns the pliers to the tool box. Banging sounds can also be heard throughout, which are believed to have been made as Shirley came into contact with the walls and inner contents of the van as she writhed and flailed.

Ledford: My God! Please stop  it! (Screams)
Bittaker: Is the recorder going?
Norris: Yeah!
Bittaker: Scream baby! Scream some, baby.
Ledford: I can’t!
Bittaker: Scream some more baby. Come baby. Come on. Nobody is going to hurt you. Turn over and talk to me nice. Love me. You want nothing more in the world than to make me cum. Huh?
Ledford: (Still crying, says something unintelligible which ends with her saying “that’s right.”)
Bittaker: Say it again baby. What do you want huh? What do you want?
Ledford: Your cock.
Bittaker: Where do you want it baby, huh?
Ledford: I want to hold it and squeeze it.
Bittaker: Why?
Ledford: It feels good, cause you like it and I like it.
Bittaker: You want me to cum baby.
Ledford: Oh yeah.
Bittaker: You want me to cum, yeah? Want me to come, tell me baby. (Beating and slapping sounds)
Ledford: Yeah.
Bittaker: Tell me!
Ledford: Yeah.
Bittaker: Huh?
Ledford: Oh yeah.
Bittaker: Hey girl, you want me to put a pair of pliers up your cunt?
Ledford: What?
Bittaker: You want to make me cum huh? You want to make me cum huh?
Bittaker: Huh? Want to make me cum girl, huh?
Ledford: Oh yes (Scream)
Bittaker: Yes what?
Ledford: I want you to cum. Cum. (Scream). Come on.

Shirley Ledford then screams in agony as Bittaker inserts the pliers inside her vagina and twists them, tearing her.

Bittaker: Stop screaming at me, come on talk to me!
Ledford: Cum, cum, cum. Please cum, cum, cum, cum.
Bittaker: Where do you want me to cum, baby?
Ledford: I want you to cum.
Bittaker: Where do you want me to cum?
Ledford: I want you to cum.
Bittaker: Where do you want me to cum?
Ledford: Your cock. I want you to cum.
Bittaker: Cum where?
Ledford: Cum.
Bittaker: Cum where? Where do you want me to cum?
Ledford: In me.
Bittaker: Where?
Ledford: Cum.
Bittaker: Where?
Ledford: All over. All over. 
Ledford: (Scream). No, no, no, no, no, no. (Scream)
Bittaker: Is the recorder going?
Norris: What?
Bittaker: Is the recorder going?
Norris: (Emphasis) Yeah!
Ledford: Oh no, no, no! Oh no! (Sobbing sounds)

A sharp, shrill scream, followed by wailing sounds follow. It is believed to be at this point when Bittaker, having already sodomized Shirley, inserted the pliers into her rectum and twisted them, tearing her. Banging sounds can again be heard as Shirley came into contact with the walls and inner contents of the van as she again writhed and flailed.

Ledford: (Screaming). No! No! No! Oh, oh! (Screaming)

At this point, Norris traded places with Bittaker as Shirley lay crying and moaning in the back of the van. Three of the four victims previously killed had all been vaginally raped by Norris, but as Bittaker had viciously torn Shirley’s genitals and rectum with his pliers, causing her to bleed, Norris did not vaginally or anally rape her. Instead, Norris forced the already agonized girl to fellate him, then switched on the tape recorder himself:

Norris: Make noise there, girl. Go ahead and scream or I’ll make you scream!
Ledford: (Pleading tone) I’ll scream if you stop hitting me.
Norris: (Enthusiastic tone in voice) Oh yeah?
Ledford: (Screaming)
Norris: Keep it up girl!
Ledford: (Sreaming)
Norris: More!
Ledford: (Screaming)
Norris: ‘Till I say stop!
Ledfoed: (Screaming)

Unintelligible sounds are heard, interspersed with sounds of Shirley Ledford crying and moaning.

Sounds of Norris extracting the sledgehammer from the tool box can then be heard as Shirley, seeing him do this, again begins crying and shouts, “Oh no! No! Oh!”  She then screams in fear, again shouts “Oh, no, no!” before again screaming.

Norris strikes Shirley on the elbow.

Ledford: You broke it!
Norris: I barely hit it.
Ledford: (Pleading and sobbing) Don’t hit me again!
Norris: Oh yeah?

Norris can be heard lifting the sledgehammer from either the floor of the van or, possibly, the wooden frame of the bed the two had constructed in the rear of the van.

Ledford: (Screaming) No! No! No! No! No!  (Bludgeoning sounds can be heard, interspersed with repeated high-pitched screams)

Ledford: No! No! No! No! No!  (Scream) Oh no! No! No! No!

Shirley is struck 25 times in succession on the left elbow by Norris, who repeatedly fractures her left elbow. Each time the hammer strikes her, a piercing scream can be heard. At one point, she may have tried to say something, but her voice had become an unintelligible mass of pain.

Norris: How’s that?
Bittaker: (Driving) What’s going on?
Norris: I was just beating on her elbows with this hammer.
Bittaker: Ah!
Ledford: Oh! (Screams as Norris again repeatedly strikes her elbow with the hammer).
Norris: What are you sniveling about?
Ledford: (Scream). No! Oh. Owww!  I, (Repeated screams).
Ledford: (Screams).

Thank you, as always to sHeavy for the use of their song, Revenge of the Viper Three as our opening music.

True Crime News And Stories August 16,2014

Next Time Just Shoot A White Guy, No One Will Care

Story Of The Week

Obviously the big story this week in the national news is the news of the riots in St. Louis Missouri. I do not understand the way the media portrays this. Well I do understand it to an extent, it’s the story reporters want to tell, and that they know will sell. Racist police kill innocent black teen for no reason.

It may very well be that the police used excessive force here. I am certainly usually the first one to question the cops. What I can’t figure out is why when the cops kill a white person nobody cares? There are certainly more egregious cases of police violence against unarmed white people. For instance the death of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, California, was far more cut and dried than the killing of Big Mike in Missouri.

Or the killing of Douglas Zerby in Long Beach California, several years ago. Mr. Zerby’s killing was much more an execution than anything that happened to in St. Louis this past week. Mr. Zerby, if you don’t recall, was sitting in a lawn chair holding a hose nozzle. He was too drunk to drive home and was sitting in a friends yard waiting for him to come home. Neighbors called the police thinking the hose nozzle was a pistol. Police surrounded Mr. Zerby and shot him dead in a hail of gunfire, without giving any warning, and obviously mistaking a hose nozzle for a pistol. 

You may not have heard of either of those stories, they didn’t result in 24/7 national coverage, and although Mr. Thomas’s supporters had protests, none of them ended in rioting.

Like it or not Michael Brown is on camera committing a strong arm robbery shortly before his death. Every news story emphasizes that the police did not stop him for that. But the police claim he assaulted them when stopped, did Brown know the cops weren’t looking at him for the robbery? Or was he desperate to get away from them because he thought that was the reason they stopped him?

Keep in mind he was six feet four inches tall and weighed close to three hundred pounds. If he was fighting with the cops he would have been a formidable opponent.

Brown Vice Lords

This is the innocent teen that was about to start college any minute. This photo was provided by his family. Note he is making what is generally considered to be a Vice Lords gang sign. He is also wearing red, which are their colors.

Here is the story from the perspective of the cop, as told by a friend of the cop who called in to a talk radio show. Note that I am not saying he is in the right, just that the press is leaving out huge numbers of details in order to create the narrative that they want.

Anyhow the unarmed teen was also an aspiring rapper, if you like you can listen below as this “gentle giant” as he has been described, raps about getting high, guns and violence. He declares that “This is a nigger that is ready for war”. Whether he was at war that night or not we don’t know yet.

Speaking Of Whitey

The subject of our very first show, Whitey Bulger, has filed an appeal. He is still pressing the issue that a prosecutor gave him blanket immunity in exchange for being a snitch. It has always been the state’s contention that the prosecuter in question did not have the authority to grant that so even if he promised immunity to Bulger it was not legally binding on the state. My 2 Cents? Someone probably did promise Bulger the moon, but the cops lie just like the criminals, and it’s pretty hard to yell “No fair” when you stand convicted of over a half dozen murders.

Bestiality Bulletin

53 year old woman is caught having sex with German Shepard. She tries to poison the roommates that caught her. When arrested for bestiality and attempted murder she declares that she has been having sex with dogs since she was 14.

Dog Lover

Yes, if you have sex with dogs you end up with this look on your face.

If Sex With Animals Isn’t Weird Enough For You How About Sex With The Dead

Ohio morgue worker admits that he had sex with at least a hundred dead bodies, and it gets weirder after that. His supervisors knew he was having sex with live women at work, in fact his wife called often to complain to his boss about it. But they claim they did not know about him having sex with the dead. This all happened before surveillance video was routine. He was finally found out because a dead woman was found with semen in her. The man who killed her admitted to murder but vehemently denied having sex with her. The story unraveled from there. 

Corpse Fucker

If they make this into a porn movie will they call it The Fucking Dead?

Breast News Of The Week

Woman’s 1.7KG  breasts aren’t just for motor boating. The implants are stuffed full of tasty cocaine as the customs folks in Spain found out. Even wilder, this is not the first time cops in Spain have found drug filled breast implants.

Almost Got Away With It

An Australian man deliberately overpays an account with the government so that he will get a $20 refund check. Then he alters the check to say $20,000,000. Where it gets crazy is the fact that the bank accepts it and, at least briefly, gives him access to the money.

Austrian man, in prison for armed robbery, earns day release privileges. Uses said privileges to, wait for it, hold up banks. 

Crimes Against Children

“Real good dude” given 20 years for beating his infant son into a brain hemorrhage. 

Daring robbery as older teen robs two 12 year olds running a lemonade stand. 

Two Amish girls kidnapped by extremely inept criminals are found safe.

UPDATE: The accused kidnappers have been arrested, and they are a married couple, who alledgedly sexually abused the girls. 

Amish Kidnappers

The accused are not Amish, so they are kidnappers of the Amish, but not Amish kidnappers.

Man allows his toddler to wander the neighborhood. Police question father after neighbor calls police. Father then runs from police because he “needed to go home and pause his game of Madden”. 

Criminals Who Practically Arrest Themselves

Woman attempts to beat hospital bill by giving the name of her dead sister. Only problem is she is wearing a memorial shirt to said deceased sister at the time she tries it.

Not Dead Woman

For our European and Canadian listeners, a hospital bill is this thing where you have to pay to be treated at the hospital. Fun fact, medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America.

And Then There Are Criminals Who Literally Arrest Themselves

Woman calls police after stealing cell phone because her victims won’t leave her alone. 

Man calls 911 to report that he just committed a brutal rape. Of course he lured the woman with a Craig’s List ad. 

Self Reporting Rapist

Hello I’d like to report a rape. That I just did.

No Good Deed Goes Un Punished Department

Woman helps man get our of prison, where he has been held since 2006 for a rape he did not commit. She advises him on how to properly file a request for examination of DNA evidence. She is 70 years old, near retirement as a long term employee of the courts in Jackson County, Kansas. She helps free the man and is rewarded by being fired. 


Equal Rights Allow Women To Be Publicly Perverse As Well

Usually it’s crazy looking guys doing this type of stuff. But here is a woman arrested for lifting her dress and publicly humping lawn furniture. 

Don’t Worry Ladies, We Also Have A Naked Guy Story

Seems like we always have a naked guy story. In this case it’s the guy in Rockford, Illinois, who robbed a bank naked, then got busted as he was getting dressed in the bathroom, in the basement of the same building.

Naked Bank Robber

A Tale Of Two Teachers

Drunk teacher yes, kept drinking in school, yes, but at least she was fully dressed.

Fully Dressed Drunken Teacher

Gets points for keeping her pants on.

While this one was not only drunk at work but was not wearing any pants. 

Pantless Drunk Teacher

Is there anyone, anywhere, that wants to see this woman without pants?

DUI Olympics

Drunken man is driving with 2 year old child in front seat. He couldn’t put the child in the child seat because he was using that to hold his whiskey bottle. 

Drunken Father

Fun fact: Many police departments give away free child seats if you say you cannot afford one. So just get a free seat for your booze bottle. Problem solved.

Uncatagorably Odd

Man on motorcycle is victim of both hit and run and self inflicted gunshot. The gun he is carrying goes off during the accident, shooting him in the chest.

Police break up ring that was stealing used cooking grease.

Greasy Criminals

They used to call Italian criminals “Greasy Thugs”, my how times have changed.


True Crime News August 12, 2014, Glenn Champ Goes Ape Shit

We are so very sorry…..

That we screwed up and did not get an episode out this week, once again. We are however working on a very special episode for the coming week that we are certain will make up for this week’s lack of one. Meanwhile here is some true crime news and stories to tide you over.

If You Californians Had Only Elected Him This Never Would Have Happened.

Yes, I am talking about Glenn Champ, who we endorsed for Governor of California. It seems he got a little pissed about some neighborhood dispute that included road paving. He is accused of flattening all four tires of 13 year old’s ATV, shooting a neighbor in the stomach and shooting the neighbors horse to death. So I guess we’ve heard the last of him for a while.

BTW: When we originally wrote about him I saw his name being spelled with one “N”, now news outlets are spelling it “Glenn”, so I don’t know which is correct. Anyhow, here’s the entire story of his rampage, told in even worse prose than you will find on this site. If you notice the ABC reporter that wrote this story changes Champ from the shooter, to a witness and back to the shooter again. 

Champ Front Page

This is still on the front page of the Champ for Governor web site. I guess he wasn’t kidding about the carnage. Although one dead horse and one injured man is not that impressive.

Happy Anniversary

It was 25 years ago that the first sex offender registry was created. Now the woman, whose son’s disappearance, and almost certainly murder, although he has never been found, has second thoughts about the whole idea. Saying they have gone too far and may do more harm than good.

It was the 40th anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders. TMZ has this ridiculous seance story, which I suspect may have been completely made up.

Random Stupid Crime and Criminals

Bank robbers can’t get their wardrobe straight.

Burglar busted because he leaves a beer can with his DNA on it at crime scene.

DUI Olympics

Father and two sons all arrested in same DUI accident.

I Checked Her Prints But I’m Drawing A Blank

Disbarred lawyer had removed her fingerprints to avoid identification. 

I have actually read of this being done. Criminals have used acid, or sandpaper. Also there is a cancer drug that causes your fingers to blister and swell so badly that the prints are unreadable. I don’t know what this woman thought would happen though. Did she think the police would find she had no prints and then shrug and say “Guess we can’t identify her”. The fact that you have no prints on your fingers is going to arouse curiosity.

True Crime News and True Crime Stories August 10th, 2014

True Crime and Serial Killer News for August 10th, 2014

My Favorite Family (Other than my own)

Patricia Krenwinkel talks about her “Life after Manson”, nine minutes long, about three minutes of that is stock footage and such, the rest is a really self absorbed old lady talking about herself. I would say you could make a drinking game by chugging every time she says “I” or “Me”, but you would die of alcohol poisoning.

And Other Family News

Man takes two year old along on burglary (also steals a collection of baby teeth).

Then there’s the Juggalo family. Self described Juggalo says something critical of The Insane Clown Posse. His fellow Juggalos beat him until he is near death, then attempt to carve ICP tattoo from his arm, when that fails they set his arm on fire. 

Juggalos In The News

I’m just a Juggalo, and everywhere I go……In fairness, I once saw a pretty bloody fight over a guy saying he hated Lynard Skynard.

When your wife says “Take your shit and get out” that includes your pipe bombs.

Not sure what the real story is here. Is it that a grandmother took her grand kids shoplifting? Or is it that a 43 year old woman has a 10 year old grand child?

Shoplifting Grandma

She’s only forty three?

Kids Do  The Darndest Things

Remember the two girls who stabbed another girl to please Slenderman? Well one of them has been found incompetent to stand trial. Now something is funny about this story however. One one hand she is said to babble about her conversations with Voldmart and other imaginary people. On the other hand she is described as a fine student who had no discipline problems. So how can her parents and the school system totally miss this level of crazy?

And then there’s this twelve year old boy, who stabbed a nine year old to death and then calmly called police and asked to be taken to jail. He didn’t know the nine year old, he killed him completely at random.

Protecting And Serving

Swift justice of police chief who threatens to kill city council members, he’s put on paid leave.

Then there’s this case, where a cop was fired almost immediately for taunting a prisoner with McDonald’s french fries. I have the funny feeling he must have pissed off a lot of people to get fired for this.

Town of 3,900 citizens is getting protected and served to the point of being sick of it. Police department has four paid officers, but thirty six reserve officers, two Humvees and two armored personal carriers.

Meanwhile in Chicago, it is found that thousands of red light camera tickets were issued in “error”. Investigators blame either “error or human tinkering”, I’m going with the latter.

After 8 hours of a hostage standoff situation police storm house where ex con is holding hostages at gunpoint. One hostage takes this chance to flee, and is shot dead by the police.

Huffington Post gets its collective panties in a wad after police pepper spray a six year old. Considering the circumstances this actually sounds justified.

Creative Choices Of Weapons

Being attacked with mace is not that odd, attacked with a mace is a different thing altogether.

One woman attacks another with a stuffed deer head.

Naked guy is not only wasted, but he spits blood at the cops when they show up.

Blood Spitting Guy

She’s not a bad looking woman, oh yeah, “Blood spitting guy”.


Why Are We Being Arrested?

For french kissing a minor in Virginia, yes that’s against the law.

Tounge Kissing Bandit

Just look at him, how can he reign in his passion.

For A Serious assault over a serious matter, victim ate the last three Chips Ahoy cookies. 

Rules, You’ve Got To Have Rules

The first rule of death camp is no singing.

Judge rules that rappers violent lyrics can’t be used as evidence against him at trial.

The Life Aquatic

Drunken masturbating man ups his game by falling in river and requiring rescue.

Masturbating River Guy

Probably homeless, probably crazy, but let’s all laugh at him.

Spiderman, Spiderman, drowns a police dog, whenever he can.


Spiderman has really let himself go.

DUI Olympics

Here is a woman with the perfect excuse for crashing her car into a fire station while DUI. The stolen python she had wrapped around her neck was distracting her. 

Stolen Snake Lady

Doesn’t look like the snake left a mark.

Drunk priest crashes car at three times the legal limit, then assaults paramedics and claims to have IRA connections that will kill them all. 

Animal shelter manager apparently driven to drink by the plight of homeless iguanas.

Iguana DUI

In Florida we call homeless iguanas wild animals, but maybe things are different up north.

Drunk, naked unicyclist struck and killed.

Naked Unicyclist

He’s probably crazy, and now he’s dead, but let’s all laugh at him.

Can’t You Just Stay Home And Masturbate With The Guns?

Seriously, I am all for owning guns,but this open carry shit is some kind of weird fetish. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

But if you must open carry there is now a book for your kids.

Open Carry Child's Book

Also published under the title: My Parents Are Attention Whores.

You might say to yourself “Those open carry folks are sure no brain surgeons”. But then there’s the this guy, who is a neuro scientist who insisted on open carrying his shotgun through the airport.

Crimes That Fit No Other Category

Police in Australia find dead Koala in their driveway with a $50 bill stuffed in its mouth. 

A convoluted story we will surely butcher on the show, man makes out with woman so his friend can steal her purse. 

Chilverous Guy

He stole her heart, then he stole her purse.

Man arrested for impersonating a ghost.

True Crime Tips For Aspiring Criminals

If you steal a bike to make your getaway, make sure you know how to ride a bike first.

A few weeks ago we had the story about the kids who tried to burglarize a police car with the police in it. This woman goes one better and tries to steal an unmarked police car with the cops sitting in it.

Stealing Police Car

Anyone could make a minor mistake like that.

If you commit four armed robberies, netting a total of $2, maybe it’s time to find another line of work.

While committing burglaries, don’t drive around with pot plants sticking out of your car window.


How Desperate Is The Media For Clicks?

Someone defacing a car because of a parking dispute is now a news story.

Man falls asleep cooking dinner is now a news story.

Sleepy Cook

Yes, falling asleep with dinner on the stove is now a news story.

Shoplifting is now a news story, well at least if you are a woman and your shirt gets torn off during your get away.

Topless shoplifter

Mugshot is useless without cleavage.

 Crazy woman at the Dollar Store is news